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Dead Waters – Rio Tajo – Valdecañas

On the my road trip, 200 km west before Madrid, curiosity lead me to the reservoir dam Valdecañas. Leaving the caravan a rotten smell entered my nose, increasing heavily as I walked closer to the water. While photographing I had to fight against the feeling of throwing up. From all places I have been so far […]

Starting a new Series „Seascapes“

After 7000 km being on the road I have been stranded in the south of Spain at Playa de Palmar. This morning something has drawn me to the sea. Packed with my camera equipment Zicco and I were marching down to the beach. I would like to share with you the first results. The new […]

North of Spain

From Barcelona to the Pyrenees. My journey brought me to Montsec – Montfalco. Beautiful mountain hostel in the middle of nowhere. In the 60´s a reservoir dam was build. Lots of fields in the valley were flooded and for ever lost. All people from the villages Fet, Finestra and Montfalco left the region. Here you see […]