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Rock the solid mineral material forming part of the surface of the earth and other similar planets, exposed on the surface or underlying the soil. But further more it is the base for all spiritual development. What are the immediate connections between matter and spirit? For this series I used volcanic ashes and painting pigments to create the images that I photographed on volcanic islands. 

Golden Forest

What if a photograph does not only contains the photographed object but also speaks through its material? In the series GF I ground down a brick of coal and attached the coal powder as pigment in the photographic process printed onto a wooden plate coated with 24 karat gold leaf. The motives displayed are showing the Amazon rainforest.  


Inspired by E. Burkes treatise of aesthetics called “A Philosophical Enquiry into the Origin of our Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful“ I choose to investigate myself the undefined borders between the sublime and beauty. This works are also created with ground coal on gold leaf. 


For me it is a fascinating fact that I am living on a planet that is mostly covered with water. Water is the reason why I am here. Everything that we make is connected to water. This series displays water from different places all over the world. Water is being photographed and water is used as a developer to turn the image blue. 

Water Drop

In the instant moment when a water drop hits the water surface a flash of light is used to draw its form onto photo paper. No camera is involved to create the picture, just light and water. For this series I used tap and bottled water from different supplies. 

Garden Eden

How to make the invisible visible? How do you photograph virtual water? How does one reduce complexity into a visual form? I collected cardboard crates from local Berlin supermarkets, which have been used to carry produce from water-scarce regions or along extensive transport routes. I applied photographs of water tubes shaping a maze into the crates, which are connected to the adjoining ones, like commodity flows are globally interconnected. It has been suggested that our virtual water consumption is a thousand times higher than our actual use of water from the tap.

Fading Ground

For this series I traveled thousands of kilometres through the Iberian Peninsula documenting the absence and use of water. Agriculture has transformed and shaped the face of the landscape. 
This pictures show the side walls of greenhouses among the road, sometimes with silhouettes of plants in them or sometimes just the sunny side. 

Res Navalis

The new creatures of the sea. – Plastic particles can nowadays be found in every part of the world. The contamination of the oceans effect millions of animals living in or by the sea. Often mistaken as food, animals eat floating plastic and suffer a painful death. 
Res Navalis is a series of photograms of plastic bags made directly on glass.