Fading Ground

The Beauty of Destruction

Through my research for the series Garden Eden I had realised that a huge amount of vegetables and fruits sold in German supermarkets are produced in Spain, a country that suffers drastically of desertification and draughts. I decided to travel for nine weeks across the country to get a picture of the situation myself. Throughout my journey I encountered a lot of places where the absence of water has reached a critical point. All people I had talked to reported a decrease of water level in the last two decades. Only a few related the intense agriculture, deforestation and urbanisation to the temporary situation. The concept of sustainability is rare to find. A complex system of concurrent causes are leading into a predictable disaster. – The project Fading Ground is reflecting upon use of resources, disappearance of diversity in nature and destructive human performance. At the end a variety of photographic and installation works will merge together. More to follow soon.