It is proclaimed that in the year 2050 more plastic and trash will be found in the sea than fish. Micro plastic particles are eaten by sea critters and absorbed into their bodies. So far we do not know how this toxic waste will affect us in the future. It is certain that we already eat with seafood our own plastic trash. It is irrefutable proven that all animals in and around the sea are suffering of our trash. Plastic particles can be found in the stomachs of almost all seabirds, causing a terrific suffering and a painful death. Through currents the waste is spread to the furthest corners of the world. There is no place anymore where humans have not left a mark.

The work Res Navalis (Sea Critters) describes a new sea creature that can be found nowadays up to billions times in the oceans all over the world. You might mistake it with a common jellyfish. It moves quite similar in the water. Res Navalis can live up to 350 to 450 years.

Res Navalis – Cyanotype Photogram on Glass and Concrete, 50 x 40 cm, 2017, unique piece