I’m sitting on the dock of the Quay. It’s the height of summer. There is no tide to watch in Zurich, but still my eyes are drawn down to the water, its rolling troughs and crests creating structures in motion. Further down, on the lake’s bottom, the refracted sunlight paints an intricate web of incandescent lines. I grab my camera and take my first waterscape.

On that day, water became both my calling and my profession, the never-ending changes of its surface my muse and constructive element of my inspiration.

On the surface, the Waterscapes are reflections on nature that visualize the properties of waves and particles. But for me, it reaches much deeper. What I create, is a snapshot of perpetual transformation, a metaphor capturing the procedural aspects of our world.

For me, the motion of waves embodies something elementary. The polarization of ups and downs, highs and lows. The oscillating flow of progress. Continuity.